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Default Re: Venture Brothers

I just couldn't with this season. I JUST COULD NOT. It was insanely awesome. Not, like, season one crazy awesome, but easily a top season with all the stuff going on.

My favorite thing is the introduction of the Blue Morpho persona. First, it's Monarch's* dad, which holy shit right? Second, OF COURSE it's the Monarch's* dad because Butterfly theme!

And O.M.G. Rusty Venture, Boy Adventurer and The Monarch* ARE FUCKING BLOOD RELATIVES SOMEHOW. If these guys had been planning something like this from the beginning, big honkin kudos for saving it for so long. It never dawned on me how alike they at least appear superficially.

Since the first confusing of Venture for the Vigilante, and then pseudo confirmed from the sex tape, I'm guessing they are half brothers. Whether it's from the father or mother I have no clue. But the intrigue on that plot line is just killing me.

And Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is, as usual, one of the best characters on the show. She's going to kill Mr The Monarch or herself once all the cats are out of the bag.
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