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Default Re: Podcasts that are totally obscure and worth listening to

"Welcome to Nightvale" is a totally obscure podcast that no one listens to, kind of like Marc Maron's WTF podcast or "Serial".

If you enjoyed "Welcome to Nightvale", then from the same production company, "Alice Isn't Dead" was worth it - it's a story, told in the form of a trucker talking on the CB while looking for her lost wife. Also "Within the Wires" was another novel storytelling concept which I thought I'd tire of but wound up listening to the whole season.

They have a third that I thought sucked and never picked it up.

I often listen to less popular spinoffs from other popular podcasts, like "Hooker on TJ Hooker", "Stage of Fools" (the unofficial "Royals" podcast), or "Presidents Are People, Too!". Usually, because they feature people from other podcasts like "We Hate Movies" or "The Flop House."

For skeptical podcasts, "Skeptoid" is still good for content, if you can get past the fact that it's hosted by a felon whose delivery is all stiff whiteness. I love "Oh No Ross and Carrie" but some other people think they're too bright and bubbly. "Inquiring Minds" is still kicking ass, but "Point of Inquiry" is changing hosts again, so I don't know what's going to happen.

And you might be interested in the "This Week in Microbiology/Parasitism/Virology/Evolution..." series of podcasts.
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