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Default Re: Podcasts that are totally obscure and worth listening to

Originally Posted by beyelzu View Post
Originally Posted by specious_reasons View Post
"Welcome to Nightvale" is a totally obscure podcast that no one listens to, kind of like Marc Maron's WTF podcast or "Serial".
I was just aping the the totally obscure and on Netflix style. :tmgrin:
I should have put a smiley around my dry sarcasm, but I was trying to post quickly just before leaving work.

Stuff I would recommend that I didn't mention before: "99% Invisible" - a design podcast; "Alcohollywood" - a movie discussion podcast with a professional mixologist as a cohost, so each movie gets a unique mixed drink and "drinking rules"; "I Was There Too" - interviews that focus on the side characters and bit parts of important scenes or movies; and "The Sword and Laser" - a science fiction/fantasy book club podcast.

Not to mention, almost all the NPR and public radio shows are available as podcasts - much easier than finding them at the right time.
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