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Default Re: Getting good ideas from irredeemable assholes, or should I try meditation?

Many years ago I would meditate and I am currently practicing again in a qualified way. There are books on meditation that cover techniques. Be careful when selecting a book for reference, and I will give an example of how to select the book. The example is about books on Yoga but the principle is the same, and books on Yoga could cover meditation as well. I was in a book store looking at the selection of books on Yoga based on the description on the back and the chapter titles, and had narrowed it down to 2 books. Both had a photo of an attractive woman on the cover sitting cross legged. On closer examination the one was in a proper Lotus position the other was not, the girl in the proper position was also in the book demonstrating different poitions, the other was only on the cover. Apparently she was just a 'cover model' selected to sell books, I bought the other book. In this case I decided you could judge a book by it's cover.

Another thing I'd like to mention is that meditation does not need to be done sitting still, meditation can take many forms. Mnay years ago I studied Karate and the Kata can become a form of meditation, teaching control and focus. In the same way music can be a form of meditation, such as playing the piano, if you can get to the point of really getting lost in the music, it can be an experience much like meditation. For starting out i would recomend a specific time, place, and method, till it becomes more familiar then you can experiment. I mentioned at the begining of the post that I was meditating in a qualified way and that is at the piano. There are 2 pieces that I play from memory, and they often go better when I don't think about the music too much. It seems that if I try to control what I am doing it's not as good as when I just let the music flow, and that is an experience that is much like meditation.

Curses mentioned stray thoughts, and these will be reduced with continued meditation, and the same thing applies to playing the piano which is why I compare it to meditation. If I have other thoughts other than the music, it can distract me and I can loose my place. Once we had several dinner guests and my wife finally said I should play for them as this had been a point of conversation. Normally I play when I am alone in the house or with family but other people make me self conscious about playing. The first piece was OK with a few usual comments while I played. And then I started the second piece and it got totally quiet and I realized everyone was just listening and focusing all their attention on me. I got almost to the end and lost it, the audience was just too distracting for me.
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