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Default Re: Getting good ideas from irredeemable assholes, or should I try meditation?

Originally Posted by Dingfod View Post
Originally Posted by ChristinaM View Post
I was politely asked not to come back to a yoga class because my lack of silent emptyheadedness was distracting the instructor. Apparently even my thinking about how I can't stop thinking is too obvious. I just don't get it. The only way that I can imagine not talking to myself is if I'm asleep or dead.
Maybe you said what you were thinking out loud without knowing it. I do that sometimes, then I catch myself, "Did I just say that out loud?" Then I fade into the wallpaper.
I do that too but since she also mentioned that fidgeting had no role in yoga I'm guessing that I was vibrating from the effort of trying to shut up in there or something. I liked the parts where we got to move around. I don't think when I dance, blare loud guitar music in my ears or exercise hard and that's as close as I can get.
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