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Default Re: Why the Mainstream Media Really Sucks

I definitely saw a few stories about the Tuscaloosa shooting. IMO, the media paid too much attention to both, and to stories like that in general.

Some deranged shithead tries to get attention by murdering people, and the media's response is always to give them that attention.

I don't give a fuck what either one of those guys think. I am not interested in learning more about them or reading their manifestos. This type of information is valuable to sociologists and criminologists or something, but it's not of any import at all to the public at large, and it'd be kind of awesome if we could all just stop making murderers into celebrities.

I totally understand and empathize with the fascination with acts of evil like that, but that's a compulsion we shouldn't be indulging.

Stories like this are local news. They're significant to people who are or may have been affected directly by them. The only thing that makes them significant on a broader scale is the fact that the media makes them significant.
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