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I personally make it a policy not to believe anything Milo says.

In other news, seems like Mueller's investigation is taking the Steele dossier extremely seriously, and a lot of it has already been proven true. In particular, it sounds like Mueller is in contact with Steele as well as with some of Steele's sources, and the intelligence community seems to take it as at least 80% accurate. If even half of it is accurate, it's arguably the most substantial act of treason in the history of the country. It seems as though Putin takes it seriously as well, since one source connected to the dossier seems to have been murdered. This entire thread from Seth Abramson is worth reading.

And to answer the inevitable question, all signs point to there being at least one pee tape.

Originally Posted by The CIA
There is more than one [Trump] tape, audio and video, from more than one place, on more than one date, of a sexual nature.
Ceterum censeo factionem Republicanam esse delendam.

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