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Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
Damn you all. I find dreams fascinating, but for many years I've been unable to remember almost any of mine. (I do remember often lying nearly awake thinking that was weird, better write it down before I forget but being unable to summon up enough wakefulness to actually do it.)

All I can do is point out that this:
Originally Posted by viscousmemories
I was at some kind of paramilitary compound with Dr. House, but I can't remember what we were doing there. Anyway we wandered into a tall office building and I told him a joke before we got on the elevator. He smirked, which I saw as a great accomplishment.
clearly means you're gay for Huge L.
Same here. Is it possible to will yourself to dream? Is there anyone who is able to say to themselves, I'm gonna have a doozy of a dream tonight and then it happens, and remember it on waking?
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