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Default Re: Parents, do your due diligence on vaccination! There are serious risks!!

Originally Posted by Vivisectus View Post
Look, it is really simple. Lone maverick researchers out to do good are nice guys. If there was anything really wrong with unofficially gathering blood samples at a birthday party at your house at a tenner a pop without ethical oversight...
There was no money involved.

Originally Posted by Vivisectus
or conducting research while you are patenting a replacement vaccine]
He was not patenting a vaccine or anything that was in competition with the MMR shot.

Originally Posted by Vivisectus
and getting paid as a consultant for litigators looking to start a big lucrative case to do with those exact same vaccines without reporting a conflict of interest, then his conscience would not let him do it because he is a nice guy, so it is fine
He was not paid as a consultant for litigators in order to make a false case. You're right, his conscience would never have let him do it.

Originally Posted by Vivisectus
All those little details are at worst just minor oversights that do not in the least make them or their work suspect in any way. I mean, he is a maverick, right? He is going it alone in the face of a nameless, faceless monolith of uncaring government authorities being influenced by deep-pocketed corporations out to protect their interests. He is taking the path less traveled, selflessly risking it all in order to destroy the conspiracy of silence created by these money-grubbing, heartless corporate shills. And what more proof do you need when you look at the outcome? Just look at how he was tarred and feathered, pilloried, publicly lynched, hung, drawn and quartered! And for what? While what he did was technically against just about every rule for ethical research, the end result is that he was utterly annihilated down to the very last particle for mere peccadilloes because it involved disturbing their little money-making schemes!
That's not what this was about. He was contacted by parents because he was a researcher of gastroenterology and their children were suffering. He didn't pick and choose the children to make his study look clean. He didn't break any rules. He got ethical approval other than at the birthday party.

Originally Posted by Vivisectus
So, there is no reason at all to assume there is anything wrong with Wakefield's study, and the way he was taken to task is just more proof how corrupt everybody else in that business is. Drain the swamp!
Right, it's about making sure his reputation gets decimated so no one would even question the validity of his study.

Originally Posted by Vivisectus
Of course, there are also guys who are not necessarily nice. These are the researchers whose studies we should not trust, because there is a lot of money involved in big pharma and conflicts of interest can easily creep in, as Peacegirl never ceases to warn us. And we all know how easily money changes hands in the shady, inhuman world of Big Pharma. Juicy consulting contracts handed to researchers that are supposed to be independent, shady kickbacks from the research into new medicines that no-one really needs in return for some fudged data... you name it. Knowing this should make us treat any study at all with deep suspicion!

So, there is every reason to assume there are things wrong with those studies, and the people involved should be taken to task in order to clear up the corruption that is rife in the medical system. Drain the swamp!

And if you need to know which is which, just ask Peacegirl.
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