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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Bernie who? Yeah, I appreciate that he moved the conversation last cycle but this cycle, what you said.

Booker? Yes, he is not the one to excite the base. His support for charter schools alone is enough to turn me off. I've seen him on state political TV programs, like (Something or Other?) with Steve Adubato, and I was basically horrified. I remember having the impression that he was far to the right of me.

It does remain to be seen who's compromised in what ways, but I'm predicting this is a comparative biggie for Warren.

If I learned anything about the media in the last presidential, it's that their primary goal will be to sell the drama, not to help the electorate make informed and rational choices. They want to see a fight and will do what they can to promote one, consequences be damned.
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