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Default Re: Iffy therapies given thumbs up by the FDA. SCARY! I'm

Originally Posted by ChuckF View Post
LASIK is a procedure performed directly on the brain. (The eyes are part of the brain. You cannot separate the two.) The FDA and advertisers would have you believe that LASIK uses a laser to reshape the cornea, which refracts light entering the eye from the environment and produces an inverted image which then strikes the retina, where chemical and electrical processes trigger nerve impulses to the brain. This is not correct - the LASIK strikes the brain directly.
I'm wondering how the Lasik process can strike the brain directly, and not the eye. Given that the eye is connected directly to the brain through the optic nerve, but there is quite a bit of opaque material between the eye and the brain, which would block any light from the laser from reaching the brain directly. Just how is that possible?
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