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I take it back, I do remember a more recent one. This is from just about two months ago. In the dream there was a middle-aged women whose left breast didn't have a nipple. I didn't find out what had happened to her until near the end of the dream. What I found out is she had undergone surgery to have a human tongue(taken from an organ donor) grafted to the spot where her nipple would normally have been. It was longer than a real human tongue, but it was a dream so that's how it can be so. It was a little shorter than a large dog's tongue. Anyway, this lady and myself went around all over in the dream. She'd flash her breasts and move the tongue "nipple" in a writhing motion where the people could see it. The last person she did that to was a fundamentalist Muslim man in one of the woman-repressing type Middle Eastern countries. I was standing right by her when she did it, and I thought we were both going to be killed. When I woke up I thought "What the hell was that?" This one is near the top of the list of the weirdest dreams I've ever had.

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