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Default Re: Good King Trump

So very clear Assange was out to get Clinton. Clear to to everyone. Like this guy...


(I also like how he includes images of instances of him criticizing Wikileaks for releasing information on random citizens, as if it has anything to do with the criticism that Assange was a partisan actor which was obvious by the timing, promotion and spin put on their releases* in 2016 as well as the fact that they didn't release anything damaging to Republicans or Trump. Greenwald was willing to criticize Assange for some things... but actively attacked those who said Wikileaks was pro-Trump. No mea culpa for being wrong wrong wrong about that, just "I've criticized them too (about other, unrelated things)!")

*Had to catch myself calling them "leaks". They're not "leaks" when they're hacked and stolen from private citizens.
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