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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Bernie Sanders announced his campaign today. A shocking development, to be sure.

As of now, Elizabeth Warren has clearly expressed the most openness to eliminating the filibuster. Some big things can be done through reconciliation (you can lower the eligibility age for Medicare to whatever you want, even zero, for example) if they are considered to be basically spending or tax changes. But quite a few important things cannot be done that way: voting rights, anti-gerrymandering, DC/PR statehood, immigration reform, gun control, environmental regulations, criminal justice reforms, etc.

And notably, without pro-democracy changes like those first three, Democrats would likely lose their ability to pass anything or appoint judges after 2022.

But maybe Bernie Sanders is just pretending to be bothered by the idea of killing the filibuster. I hope so.
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