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Default Re: Movies that aren't really BAD -- but aren't very good, either

So, I saw the new Ghostbusters tonight.

It wasn't bad. But it wasn't particularly good, either.

Aside from an occasional chuckle here and there, it just wasn't funny. I've never much cared for Melissa McCarthy (except for her performance in the surprisingly-good Spy), but I've always liked Kristen Wiig. Sadly, the two of them can't quite make this movie work.

Kate McKinnon was mildly entertaining at times. Leslie Jones' character seemed like a walking, talking stereotype; at times, it's almost uncomfortable to watch.

Then there's Chris Hemsworth. To say that his character was one-dimensional is to be entirely too generous. The joke wore thin very quickly. At least he and Kate McKinnon seemed to be having a bit of fun with their roles.

I don't think that I'm spoiling anything by revealing that Bill Murray has a small role. He was criminally under-/mis-used, however. Seriously, did he agree to the role only because someone was threatening to blackmail him or something?

The movie might be worth seeing if you're really in the mood for a movie, and if you don't mind seeing something that can engender an occasional chuckle, but that's utterly mindless and completely unoriginal.
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