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Weird dreams are a nightly occurence for me, so much that I consider it "normal". Last night (actually early this morning, around 6:30 am) that I had one weird enough to cause me to make enough noise that the person in the living room came to check on me -

I was in a communal kitchen - a cross between the (RL) kitchens of living on a compound overseas and the break room of one of my old corporate jobs - and grumbling about how the refrigerator had been way over-crowded and we needed to get at least two for the population, otherwise I had to wade through all sorts of old food and stuff to get to the string cheese (?!) I wanted from the back. After arguing about this, I decided to retire to my "cabin" (this part is part the compound and part LOST) only to discover that my private bathroom had been... shall we say... descrated by persons unknown.

So in the dream I went back to the common area to ask for some help (clean towels, etc.) to deal with the mess and my sister came back with me to help clean up. Then she became convinced that the perpetrator might be hiding in my walk-in closet (despite the fact that I didn't have a walk-in closet at either place but in the dream I did). She rummaged around in the crawly-hidey spaces and didn't find anything or anyone so she went into the bathroom to start mopping up. When I was heading out the front door I saw a movement from the closet and then an old friend of mine (from overseas) was coming out of the closet with some sort of weapon and some glowing eyes at which point I started backpedaling in slo-mo and screaming - which is also when I woke up to my guest saying "are you ok?" I had about 30 seconds of that sleep-paralysis thing after that but shook it off.

Paging Dr. Freud...

I've noticed that a lot of my disturbing/recurrent dreams have to do with old homes, old workplaces, and weirdly, kitchens. Trying to find things that aren't there. Also, trying to get places and being thwarted, or trying to dial numbers and always getting one digit off and having to start over. :chin:
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