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erimir, yours sounds like a Mario (ha!) kind of flying. Like in the raccoon suit, or the thing Princess Peach can do with her parasol in Paper Mario.

I dreamed last night that some kind of vampire or cannibal or some human with all kinds of blood all around his mouth was trying to catch me and eat me. I was able to close myself into a room with doors so he couldn't get to me, but the doors were glass so he could still see me and I could see him, so I was like "great, I just trapped myself in here" and all the while I could see his gross mouth with blood all over it. :shudder:

Then this morning I dreamed I got on the phone with the transcript clearinghouse that is still holding up my transcripts from USC for some reason, which is an actual task that I need to accomplish, but it's the weekend so I wish my subconscious would give me a break until Monday at least.
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