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Default Re: Random long-form writings

Interesting posts. I agree with some of what youíve written and disagree with other parts of it. Some of it I still have to think about.

I suppose your posts deserve long and thoughtful responses, especially the analysis of creativity and its implications, but I donít feel up to it at the moment. (I disagree with you on the narcissism/altruism stuff, for example, with respect to creativity.) Maybe thatíll change and Iíll get in the mood to write something more substantial than this. But Iíve concluded that posting thoughtful pieces on message boards is a waste of time. It used to be different, but times have changed. Weíre a Twi**er culture now, a culture of imbeciles, and making posts of more than 140 characters, or 280, or whatever the fuck it is now, just outs one as an old fart who still reads books. Who needs books or even message boards when you have Twi**er and Tr**mp? And, regrettably, :ff: does seem increasingly to be a dead letter.

For the time being, I will only say that blaming the orange monsterís election on Comey and the ďmoransĒ of the news media is both false and self-defeating. Hillary did not lose the election because of Comey or news media ďmorans.Ē She lost it because she was a shitty candidate. Unless Democrats internalize this reality, Drumpf will win again in 2020 because the Dems will put up another shitty candidate, while still whining over Comey and the NY Times. Itís completely self-destructive behavior. And yes, Hill won more popular votes than Drumpf but so did Gore over Bush; the point is that as long as we have an Electoral College, it doesnít matter how huge Democrats run up margins on the coasts; flyover land has the upper hand in deciding who becomes president.

As to grandpa and Sean Hannity, fuck grandpa and the horse he rode in on. I donít propose to covertly block grampsís access to Hannity. I propose to tell gramps to get the fuck out of my country. You go live in Arkansas, gramps, and Iíll live in New York or California, where most people are smart and not fucking stupid like you. The Union should be dissolved. Recently, Pat Buchanan apparently has come to the same conclusion. Even though Buchanan is a racist prick, he still expresses many views that I agree with, including the need to dismantle the American empire and destroy the War Party, and now this ó peaceful separation of irreconcilably different regions. That, if not the solution to all our problems, is at least a solution.
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