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Default Re: Two Minutes Hate

Hello, I am here to break your heart.

Case pending in LaGrange dog shooting

The video is not graphically gory or anything, but it's horrifying all the same.

That poor dog threw every calming signal she could at those pigs. She was already restrained, after allowing strangers to chain her up, but she was afraid and trying to run away from the cops jabbing at her aggressively with a catch pole, which there was no reason for.

She sat down, she averted her gaze, she laid down, lowered her ears, turned away, and she even wagged her tail after she'd been shot once; and those doughy, witless little fucks shot her again.

They could have walked up to her, pet her on the head, and led her away if they hadn't been such cruel, incompetent little twits.
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