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Default Re: Game Consoles: What's Next?

Originally Posted by Corona688 View Post
Originally Posted by Ari View Post
I think Nintendo is on the verge of Shamalaning it. Trying to repeat the mold breaking experience they had with the Wii, but without success.
You mean when they successfully sold the same tired old experience, same tired old games, and nearly the same tired old controller circa 1985 made wireless, and it was a hit for nostalgia reasons?
I disagreed with some of the choices made on the Wii but... uh... Nearly the same controller because it had a D-pad and the placement of a few buttons on the top? An accelerometer and infrared sensor seem to be a pretty huge difference from the NES.

The industry hasn't changed controllers that much since the Playstation 1 either, because people only have so many fingers. But Nintendo certainly has tried changing more things with its controllers than Sony and MS have.

Also the killer app that made the Wii sell huge numbers was Wii Sports, which doesn't seem to have any connection to nostalgia. That would be gimmicky reasons, not nostalgia reasons.

But if you can get over how awful it is to play off nostalgia, I would recommend playing the top game on this list: All-Time Best - GameRankings
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