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Default Re: Game Consoles: What's Next?

Originally Posted by erimir View Post
I disagreed with some of the choices made on the Wii but... uh... Nearly the same controller because it had a D-pad and the placement of a few buttons on the top?
Well, yes? Do you think that's not important?
An accelerometer and infrared sensor seem to be a pretty huge difference from the NES.
I could have gone into detail about how similar the Wii was to the Nintendo's less successful add-ons - the power glove with its motion sensing bar, the foot sensing mat, the sports games which went with them, but I figured you'd get it. To me it doesn't look an advance in technology so much as marketing - they bundled things with the sports games, and lowered entry prices in a way that allowed the gimmmicky widgets to sell this time.
Also the killer app that made the Wii sell huge numbers was Wii Sports, which doesn't seem to have any connection to nostalgia. That would be gimmicky reasons, not nostalgia reasons.
Gimmicky nostalgia? They've done very similar things before, they just didn't sell.
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