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Default Re: Do you take your shoes off at home?

I have had a couple roommates who like to keep their shoes on in the apartment, to the point where there were times I found him napping with his shoes on (feet off the bed, but still).

This made it so I didn't want to go around barefoot, and so I would either wear slippers (in the winter) or flip-flops (in the summer) around the apartment.

But if I live with non-shoe-keeper-onners (aka shoe-taker-offers), I generally ask guests to remove their shoes if they're not just staying in the entrance, and certainly if they're going anywhere carpeted/with rugs. This does not generally get any reaction from guests.

I guess for the first option I left off the possible exception that dress shoes, and in particular, shoes that were not worn outside can be worn inside (in Sweden, people might bring a second pair of shoes to change into when they arrive at a dressy event, for example). In most cultures it's not a hard rule that there are no shoes ever, just no outdoor shoes. At my parents' house, adults at a party wouldn't be expected to take their shoes off unless they were going into the carpeted areas.
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