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Default Re: What's the frequency, Colorado?

The media certainly fuels rage and fear in me, but I simply cannot imagine anything that would trigger me to mass murder random strangers in a public place. I have a very hard time accepting that the media culture can create the ability in someone to carry such acts out.

ETA: I found this from last year: Mass murderer psychology - The patterns of horror | Brain Blogger

As some of the literature points out to media influences on mass murderers, preeminently the influences cited by the murderers themselves (e.g. the movies Natural Born Killers (1994) and The Basketball Diaries (1995)), the implications of this type of obsessive and even video game-like coverage of the mass murders themselves can have a widespread influence on how both covert potential perpetrators of similar crimes and the public in general view and process this type of incidents.

If the media is turning violent-videogame influenced acts of horror into a highly entertaining pseudo-violent videogame, it seems that research should focus on this aspect extensively, besides the psychology and modus operandi of these yet puzzling crimes. In a way, a mass murderer in the making toying with the idea of killing people at random would see this videogame-type coverage as something positive: he will at last be the star of his own videogame, and, in his view, he will come out as the victor.
And this from last decade: Eye on Psi Chi: Fall 2000
What would it take for you to slide across it? We want to believe it is impermeable, with us here forever and them over there permanently, when in fact, that line is permeable--we good ones could become those bad ones.
My modest task is to outline some of the psychological processes that I believe are involved in human evil, more specifically, to share with you some ideas I have about the social psychological strategies and tactics that can facilitate the transformation of good, or at least ordinary, people into monsters, who are perpetrators of evil. I try to counteract the fundamental attribution error, the human tendency to overemphasize the dispositional while simultaneously underplaying the situational. I do so by demonstrating that seemingly trivial aspects of social situations can influence our behavior in profound ways, more so than we can imagine or give credit for--in the extreme--that can make us do the unimaginable.
I dunno, again I cannot even start to imagine killing random people, but I have a son to raise in this culture, and if media and social influences can actually give him the ability to push past compassion and empathy and instead indulge any rage or revenge....WTF? How do I handle that?

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