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Default Re: People need to start getting the fuck off my internet

Originally Posted by Janet View Post
I know I shouldn't double post, but what the hell. Someone pointed me to a very good blog post on the difference between free speech and what these whiny boys are calling free speech that belongs in this conversation.

Speech and Consequences

I found this other article that is much funs.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am a reader. I started to teach myself to read when I was supposed to be napping. I read instead of interacting with my peers. I read to the exclusion of many other things I should have done. I read things I loved and things I hated. I read the words of the incomprehensibly brilliant and the words of drooling idiots. I've read YouTube comments. But I can say, with complete confidence, that I cannot recall reading anything so completely fucking stupid as that paragraph and its spew of cliches. There is not, and never has been a right to be free of scorn or ridicule or chastisement in response to our speech. In fact, the prospect of scorn and ridicule and chastisement is the only reason America has free speech because we believe that ignorant or offensive speech is better handled by the marketplace of ideas than by government intrusion. Nothing in law or in history supports Rocker's imagined "right." Only weaklings, cowards, and fools seek protection from criticism of their speech. Yet this moronic trope this idea that critical speech is censorship, and that the assholes of the world have some sort of protected right not be to called assholes persists. It persists because of sub-normals like John Rocker. Thanks, John.
The Right Not To Be Criticized: John Rocker Edition | Popehat

To the extent that I can understand this hideous paragraph which is not so much writing as it is putting out lit cigarettes on the exposed tender flesh of the English language
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