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Default Re: People need to start getting the fuck off my internet

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
Shit's all fucked up and shit.

I could have put this first one in the Gender thrad, but I think everyone needs to read this, including all you jerks who don't read that thread:

The end of kindness: weev and the cult of the angry young man | The Verge

Just recently, it's weird that just someone saying free speech throws up a red flag for me. Which is ridiculous. I love free speech! It's my favorite! But things like that whole weev thing and some of the other shitnozzles yelling about their freeze peach have actually gotten me to the point where I kinda almost don't even fucking care anymore.

Kathy Sierra is a better woman than I am, I tell you that much. I understand it's important that his case not set some precedent, and he shouldn't be locked up for THAT, but I can't help still being happy he's locked up and crying like the stupid little baby that he is.

Here is another story that ugh.

Sheriff Judd: 'One of the saddest situations that I've seen' | Bay News 9
I think that piece of shit Weev should be placed on a bed of sticks, poured on with gasoline and lit on fire. Preferably out in the open so the fumes don't kill him. Let him be an object lesson to all bullies everywhere. At least that's my gut reaction. A part of me wants to go nuclear on all the trolls viciously harassing women on the internet.

It is not free speech at all. Attacking, relentlessly harassing and deliberately terrorizing someone on the internet is not, and should not be protected speech. Those who engage in such behavior should be punished as harshly as the law allows. A part of me would like death by funeral pyre, but even I know that is extreme and well beyond the scope of the severity of the crime.

I would be content with 25 years (at least) in prison, however.

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