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Default Re: Trumphole starts another fucking fire

Originally Posted by beyelzu View Post
Originally Posted by some dipshit
I understand that deep down, both of them have a guilty conscience in helping to give us Donald Trump by trying to fob off on the public a hopelessly compromised candidate. To ease their guilt, they lash out at others, those of us who were right from the start.
Your armchair psychology is on par with your armchair philosophy.

I tell you that I think people like you cost the US the election with their false equivalence garbage and you have to talk about my real emotions that Iím lying about. I donít have guilt, but this is slimey even for you.

Above you can find an actual insult.

I will note in passing that in all the time Iíve read beyelzuís posts, going back iirc to iidb, I have never once insulted him and I have generally admired his work. Yet here he felt the need to jump in guns glazing and hurl insults at me. And actually, not just insults, but a clear species of ad hom: that I must have had a stroke, which of course must render my arguments invalid!
Thatís weak. I was insulting your argument as making no sense, but go ahead and argue that I was making the worlds dumbest ad hominem.

Youíll know it when I insult you, Iím not subtle.
Apparently you missed this, dipshitM
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