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In some ways, I regard Trump "winning" the election as more an indictment of the Democrats than of the Republicans.

Why? Well, the Republicans have been running candidates on a policy of racism, sexism, and blaming the poor and middle class for their own problems (while doing everything they can to stack the deck against the poor and middle class and in favor of the wealthy) for decades now. Trump was simply willing to be a lot more open about it than most.

I mean, Trump ran a campaign in which he continually demonstrated that he had neither the intelligence, the education, nor the temperament to be President. He ran an openly misogynistic, racist, and nativist campaign. At times, it seemed like he was going out of his way to offend and insult as many potential voters as possible. He lied -- oh sure, we expect political candidates to lie, but Trump did it so blatantly and outrageously that even Ronald Reagan must have been spinning in his grave and muttering "Dayum, that's some brazen shit right there!".

True, there were some complicating factors. It didn't help that the complicit and dishonest "Mainstream Media" kept playing up "concerns" about Clinton while pretty-much ignoring far more serious concerns about Trump -- and meanwhile pushed the lie that Clinton and Trump were equally "problematic" candidates. And Comey probably did cost Clinton the election.

But with all this, if the Democrats couldn't manage to field a candidate who would utterly destroy a boob like Trump in November, this is proof-positive that the Democratic National Committee needs to be razed to the ground and rebuilt from scratch, if you ask me. Sadly, I see little evidence that they've learned any sort of lesson from any of this.
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