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I think the tribalism is probably the single biggest factor. Even with a candidate as heinous and obviously full of shit as Trump, only a few of the more consistent conservative intellectuals and a significant minority of Mormons were willing to take a hard line against him up to and after the convention. This may be difficult to imagine, but you could almost certainly have fielded a candidate worse than Trump and still taken home 40%+ of the vote, so long as they had the (R) next to their name on the ballot. So, no, I don't see any scenario for destroying Trump that election, regardless of the Democratic candidate. You were never going to get that 30-40% of the voters that votes for party regardless.

I do think Clinton's "unique" weaknesses helped tip it from a narrow win to a narrow loss, but I find a lot of that particularly irritating to acknowledge or listen to people point out, since so many of those "weaknesses" are based on utter bullshit conspiracy theories. Trump may have laid it out in stark, horrifying relief, but the reality that appearances so often matter more than facts, especially in politics, is not new, and is a continuing source of frustration to me.
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