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Default Re: Ultimate Cagefight MMXIX, Democratic Edition

Originally Posted by SR71 View Post
I'm going to guess that the RC hobbyists on that board tend to be middle-aged white dudes. Just a hunch.

Not exactly the Democratic Party base.

The polls suggest her proposed policies are popular and that she doesn't do worse against Trump than other potential nominees, aside from Sanders and Biden (who benefit from very high name recognition). It's also notable that in most of these polls, Trump's percentage of the vote doesn't vary much (varying 1 to 3% between matchups depending on the pollster) - the difference between the Democrats is mostly in how many people say they're undecided vs. would vote for the Democrat. Which does suggest that name recognition is a large source of the variation (people don't like to say they'll vote for a politician they know little about, even when their eventual choice is predictable... if you would vote for both Biden and Sanders, the chances you wouldn't vote for Warren are pretty low, for example).

(As for criticizing Democratic primary candidates, I hope that's not meant to refer to me or anything. I was pretty sure I made a post discussing my thoughts on the various candidates and I mentioned things that concerned me about some of the candidates. Which I think would fall under "criticism". But maybe it's because I'm not declaring Booker an enemy of the people or something and I think Bernie's not so perfect? I mean, who could take issue with declaring Booker "completely in the pocket of Wall Street" or that Biden has literally done nothing good in his career other than someone who thinks that you can never criticize Democrats? :rolleyes:)
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