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Default Re: First World Problems

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Setting out for work one morning I noticed that one tyre had deflated. There wasn't enough time to change it and still get to work when I'm required to be there. "No problem," I thought. "I'll just use the other car." How wrong can one be? No sooner had I plonked down into the driver's seat than I noticed that the spare car had not been used for such a long time that the windscreen was covered with a thick layer of dust. I had to turn on the windscreen wipers and washers before it was safe to proceed.
Wrong thread! :laugh:
Not funny, man. Not funny at all. Not only did I have to change the tyre after a hard day's work, but the water tank in the spare car needed refilling! Although there's a tap right next to the driver's door, the end of the hose connected to it was right at the other end of the front yard because that's where I left it last time I had it watering the roses. Not only had I have to go all the way over there to retrieve it, but I also had to disconnect the sprinkler from it before I could refill the damn thing. AND, no matter how often I open the bonnet, I can never remember just where that little thingamabob of a lever is. So I keep fishing for it through the grille, getting my fingers all dusty and grimy in the process. My problems just keep mounting in a relentless procession. Not funny at all!

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