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Default Re: Ron Paul

it sure saves me a lot of time when you guys post for me. thanks!
paranoid fringe dweller
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Default Re: Ron Paul

Originally Posted by Martin View Post
Hello BigBlue2,

Thank you for your interest in this thread. Ron Paul is the political candidate who is running in the Republican Primaries in an attempt to secure a slot in the 2012 presidential elections. The interesting thing about Ron Paul is that his life experience, and his steadfast adherence to using the United States Constitution as a beacon by which he guides his free will decision making choices, uniquely qualifies him for the job of commander and chief.

Although America will easily be able to survive another four years on cruise control under the guidance of either Mitt Romney or President Obama, it is my opinion that the lives of the citizenry could be greatly improved under a Paul Presidency. Since America pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the world, not only is it in the best interests of me, an American citizen, but for all the world's inhabitants who could stand to benefit from the annihilation of the status quo.

:cheer:Vote "NO" on the status quo....Vote for Paul he'll fix it all!:cheer:

Wishing you All the Best,

Dear Martin:

I am very happy to read your post, as it has been some time since we have heard from you. My response is written however, with some degree of hesitance and a sense of trepidation that you might take the wrong meaning or misconstrue the intent and the motive of the contents within this missive.

Without meaning to appear in any way derisive or unduly censorious, I feel it is my duty, as your friend, to have to tell you - and mind you, this is out of a sincere desire to be beneficial to your well being, and a supportive and constructive friend - I'm afraid that you may have become somewhat adrift, philosophically and morally, perhaps even misguided. This is somewhat to be expected, Martin, given the circumstances surrounding the recent dissolution of the Tim Brewer campaign for world domination and the elevation to primacy of the Orbal Spirits. I'm sure the unfortunate series of events was profoundly disappointing and a severe shock to your psyche, especially given that, I mean really, who could have foreseen the disintegration of such auspicious prospects for ultimate victory into the miserable ashes of defeat? I myself was profoundly disturbed and somewhat traumatized.

Be that as it may, Martin, I would warn against falling in sway nor thrall of this Ron Paul character. I am certain it constitutes a grave error in judgement to give fealty to this charlatan. I would not be so quick to abandon Tim Brewer, and cast off your lines from his stolid stewardship of our allegiance. I urge you to reexamine your own conscience, and follow your own inner Orbal Spirit Essence. I hope you can read my invisible thoughts with those of your own.

Farewell, Martin, and don't do anything rash in your somewhat weakened and vulnerable current state of mind. See you at Brain Gate, eventually. Keep the faith.

Your Friend and Ally,
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Default Re: Ron Paul

Originally Posted by chunksmediocrites View Post
Originally Posted by ITSOZAZ View Post
oh who the fuck isn't a racist?
Hello, ITSOZAZ! Allow me to assist you with your question! People or persons who do not judge others by their apparent race is the definition of who it is that could be defined as not a racist!

Originally Posted by ITSOZAZ View Post
i mean here you are trying to segregate this fellow's thoughts to a place where you can keep an eye on him.
Yes! That's exactly what he was intending. Because how can Martin be watched if he's posting all the way way over here in this thread? Pointing to the other long thread talking about the subject of RON PAUL! is an attempt at segregation!

Let the shaming begin on that goddamn ChuckF. For shame, sir! What with your segregating and eye keeping! For. Shame.
Hello chunksmediocrites,

Thank you for coming to my defense in regards to ChuckF's attempt to segregate me with the assignment of the readings for both threads! Although I did not complete the entirety of the alternate thread, I feel that I have gained an fair grasp as to the general consensus that the board holds on this subject. It is for this that I will eternally hold a place of gratitude in my heart for ChuckF's efforts to integrate my psyche into a more "tuned in" state of hive consciousness. :P Thank you, Chuck F, for not only caring, but for caring with such a gracious and wise demeanor.

As it was so elegantly pointed out by SR71, in his most recent posting, my attention has been preoccupied with that of Mr. Brewer's run for the presidency, and in all likelihood, because of the laser-like focus I have been applying to the Worldview of Tim Brewer, my perception of the world around me has, most likely, been altered to some degree or another as a result of this endeavor.

I guess it could be said that the vacuum that was created when Mr. Brewer rode off into the sunset and left me here, has been somewhat of a traumatic and life altering occurrence for me, and perhaps the stresses involved in such an ordeal might create a circumstance as to where I would naturally gravitate towards a new candidate in a somewhat of a "rebound relationship" type of way, but quite to the contrary, this is not the case.

As to my devotion to the Worldview of Tim Brewer, trust you me, I will never give him up, because he won't let me down. Tim Brewer won't run around and desert me! Although his absence, at times, makes me feel like I want to cry, I can't bring myself to say goodbye, because he's never told me a lie and I'm confident that he doesn't want to hurt me. :blush:

This being the case, I still must live in reality, and in reality, there will be a presidential election, therefore, I must use my wits and skills at logical deduction to guide my free-will decision making choices in this time of Mr. Brewer's absence. To these ends, I decided to call into a Denver, Colorado AM radio station that I was listening to on IHeartRadio. Since I feel quite at home, here at the freethought-forum, I felt I would share my exploits, with you, my friends, here in this thread, in the Political wing of the message board.

Wishing you all the Best, and until we next speak, with sincerest regards....

Your Friend,

Martin :)


I was also wanting to share an excellent link to the interview that Congressman Paul gave, thus my name choice that I chose for this thread. It is my sincerest hopes that my efforts here, in this thread, have not served to detract from the substance contained within the other thread that was here first. If this is the case, you have my word that I will work to the very best of my ability to remedy and make recompense for my thoughtless and selfish actions.

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Thanks, from:
BrotherMan (04-17-2012), ChuckF (04-17-2012), SR71 (04-17-2012), Stormlight (04-17-2012)
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Default Re: Ron Paul

Pish, posh, sir! No need for apologies. You need not restrain yourself here. The motto of the Free Thought Talk Forum is indeed "think what you like, and say what you think." Simply because Mr. Paul is seen at large disfavorably here does not mean you should not speak of his virtues amongst us. There is space at the table for many different viewpoints here.
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Thanks, from:
Martin (04-17-2012), SR71 (04-17-2012)
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Default Re: Ron Paul

Let a hundred weeds bloom!
Your very presence is making me itchy.
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chunksmediocrites (04-17-2012), Pan Narrans (04-17-2012), Qingdai (04-19-2012), SR71 (04-17-2012)

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