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Default Re: Springtime for Geek Girls?

There has been so much said and written on this topic that I can't even, but this article in particular was a really good read.

Why So Many Men Hate the Last Jedi But Canít Agree on Why | Bitter Gertrude

tl;dr: Criticism of TLJ (and Fury Road, and Lady Ghostbusters, etc.) is very obviously based on gender. However, to protect everyone's delicate feefees, we will allow that maybe everyone isn't blatantly, overtly misogynist. It's just that the prescribed gender roles in media are so ingrained into our expectations that it just feels like bad filmmaking when they get subverted.
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Default Re: Springtime for Geek Girls?

From the Awesome Women in Tech I Never Knew About Dept:

Mary Lee Berners-Lee, computer scientist, born 12 March 1924; died 29 November 2017

Mary Lee Berners-Lee obituary | Technology | The Guardian

was on the programming team for the computer that in 1951 became the first in the world to be sold commercially: the Ferranti Mark I. She led a successful campaign at Ferranti for equal pay for male and female programmers, almost two decades before the Equal Pay Act came into force. As a young mother in the mid-1950s she set up on her own as a home-based software consultant, making her one of the world’s first freelance programmers.
She's the mother of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and
Modest about her own pioneering achievements, she is on record ... as saying that her biggest contribution was to be “the grandmother of the web”
Mary Lee Woods - Wikipedia

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