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Default Nostradamus and Revolution

Suspect Confessed to Police That He Began Shooting Students ‚€˜in the Hallways‚€™ - The New York Times

The "authorities" in politics, media, education, morals, etc., - maybe you will see the need for a higher power later on! - are so vociferous against juvenile crime, but so less vociferous against the glorious presentation with pictures, words, and deeds of ever more deadly and more powerful guns, missiles, bombs, etc... The mature criminals of our civilization are hypocrites, able to kill millions and get away without consequence.

I'm not justifying what happened. It may seem inhuman calculus, but let's compare KILL rates!

The destruction of entire nations through illegal wars over lies to fuel imperialist profits is glorified: i.e.,

Study Concludes 90% High School Shootings Linked To Big Pharma Drugs

Media ignoring 1 crucial factor in Florida school shooting

But a few words about psychiatry as it applies for the majority of the population, and I'm not talking about people born with obvious neurological dysfunction:

The issue is covered in some detail on deltoidmachine page, but in my opinion the use of psychiatric drugs to cure mental illness, I.e., the method to chemically enforce obedience to the criminal totalitarian system, actually is a cause of mental illness.

The disruption of our delicate brain chemistry in the name of medicine with these mind destroying drugs is a tragedy of unprecedented proportions. They annihilate the individual, and transform people into a one-dimensional humans, and in the long term converts people either into killers, vegetables, or suicide cases, not to mention all the disastrous side effects of these drugs on the physical human body.

Here the cure is worse than the disease:

Psychiatry has become a real pseudoscience. Mental health and normalcy are defined according to the degree to which a person can function and perform in society. It is probably easy to agree what is the normal functioning of the heart and the lungs are. But what about the mind? If everyone thought exactly the same would that be a sign of mental health and normalcy? Of course not, it would mean the end of individuality! But what happens when these mental illnesses are CAUSED by the stresses and strains of competitive performance based capitalist society?
Therefore individual cure would be impossible without curing society as a whole.

Modern psychiatry has no other standards of value other than the prevailing ones given by society. To be a radical or in opposition to this capitalist society must imply that the person is "mentally ill" or a "criminal," for we are supposedly living in the best system of all time, thus runs their logic. WRONG!
But what happens when society is sick? Then mental health would actually be equivalent to mental illness which is hidden from both the individual and their society. For the most part, psychiatry is used to absolve society from its crimes and shift the blame and responsibility on to the individual, i.e., he must have a chemical imbalance in his brain. Not to mention the $330 billion dollar a year industry on drugs to treat so-called "mental disorders."



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Default Re: Nostradamus and Revolution

Just stop, please.
Sleep - the most beautiful experience in life - except drink.--W.C. Fields

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Default Re: Nostradamus and Revolution

Dennis probably just decided to stop taking his meds because they make the voices go away. And then he can't think of anything to post next.
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Default Re: Nostradamus and Revolution

I guess what you're saying is...


( •_•)>⌐■-■


He didn't enjoy the silence.
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Default Re: Nostradamus and Revolution

Nostradamus – Prophet of the Millennium – Prophecies of Nostradamus

updates coming
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Default Re: Nostradamus and Revolution

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