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Old 02-18-2020, 02:28 AM
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Default Re: First World Problems

If I remember right from when then sent one to me, it’s just a bunch of coax cable, adapters and penny nails with plastic bits. All completely useless if you have a previous setup. At one point it was supposed to contain some router serial code but I don’t believe it does and may never have despite claims of comcast tech support.

Comcast is our future when robot run corporations, it’s not that bad when everything goes fine, but if it doesn’t, pray there’s a set of buttons that fixes your issue.

A few years ago I failed to pay their bill due to depression and eventually they canceled my account. I then realized, paid my bill and signed up again. And tada! ‘Welcome new member, here’s your new low first year price!’ So on one hand, awesome, a lower fee by forgetting to pay. On the other hand there was no way to stop the home installation kit automailer and their system had some issues. I accidentally got my new account tied to my old cancelled one by referencing its e-mail and suddenly parts of their system, like their wifi decided I had a cancelled account and wouldn’t function. Their response was that there was no way to convince it otherwise and to remake a new login and just make sure never to reference the old e-mail. So effectively that one e-mail account and anyone that mentions that email account is dead to parts of comcast, as there’s no way to delink certain systems and that’s just how it is.
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Default Re: First World Problems

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
I can't believe they make them try to upsell you even then.
Sometimes you herp a derp, sometimes the derp herps you.

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Default Re: First World Problems

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
A fourth CenturyLink tech came out today and still couldn't find or understand the problem, so we have to switch to Comcast. I hate Comcast even more than I do CenturyLink somehow, but those are the only options.
Fourth century link tech? Did they even have tech back ... oh wait.

Free thought! Please take one!

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Default Re: First World Problems

Welp, just in case I was experiencing any doubts about having to switch ISPs, my internet has gone down over 30 times in the past 24 hours, and is now accelerating to the point that it's staying up maybe 20 minutes max at a time.

I would like to thank the dark lord for sending me a sign that I've made the right decision. I got the message. Now, I'd appreciate if you could please leave it up long enough that I can watch a movie or something.
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Default Re: First World Problems

No idea what the hell is going on with Airlines these days. We booked our tickets for Canada with Lufthansa, because it was the cheapest direct flights on the days we wanted. I knew that we were actually flying on an Air Canada plane as it says that when you book it.

About a month ago, they sent an email saying our return flight had changed. We were leaving Toronto about 30 mins later and arriving in London 30 min later. OK no big deal, all cool. Then today they send another change of flights (I have never had this ever happen ONCE before, let alone twice on one journey). This time we're leaving Toronto and flying in to MUNICH :eek: then on to London and it adds like 8 hours total to the journey. We paid extra for direct flights, I wasn't happy. NOT OK and definitely a big deal.

Call them up and they say Air Canada cancelled the flight. We can cancel our booking with full refund since a flight of ours was cancelled. Check Air Canada website, can book EXACT same flights, BOTH ways with Air Canada instead... ummm what the hell? So cancel with full refund with Lufthansa. Book with Air Canada, exact same flights and now it's £100 less in total than we paid before :D WTF?

Not so much a problem now, but was definitely a first world problem when I first saw the e-mai. Also I had to spend about 30 mins on the phone and rebooking flights.
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Default Re: First World Problems

Is a 100 worth half an hour on the phone, though? IS IT??

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