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Default Sleuthing in the Underweb

I need assistance from the web-savvy among us. Here is a website:

New Muslim Voice | Voicing the real Islam through the unjust curtains of mainstream media

It purports to be by moderate Muslims for moderate Muslims. But the article I was invited to read was linked to by a Christian wanting to incite fear and presumably hostility against Muslims, and it seems well-constructed for that purpose.

So I have two questions: Are false-flag websites, against Muslims, or whoever, a thing? And how much information is readily available to the armchair researcher abut the people hiding behind an anonymous website?
... it's just an idea
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Default Re: Sleuthing in the Underweb

A quick Whois shows it was registered through Wordpress 12-25-2016 to a Fathul Farisan In Malaysia.

Which may be connected to this dead twitter account, fathulfarisan (@drfarisan) | Twitter as the articles are posted by a "DrFarisan."
The same Dr seems to have multiple dead wordpress attempts but none of them have any connection to islam.

Given his constant labeling of himself as an entrepeneur, if this is the same guy, it's possible the site is 'real' in so much it's designed to bring traffic to it for revenue.

Unfortunately my maylasian sleuthing is being hindered by language barriers.
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