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Default Blatantly Dishonest is Soooo Mainstream

Election debate: Conservatives criticised for renaming Twitter profile 'factcheckUK' - BBC News

From the linkNevertheless, an important threshold has now been repeatedly breached by Britain's party of government, and Twitter is the site where it happened.

It is perhaps arguable that, like the doctored video of Sir Keir Starmer a fortnight ago, the re-branding of CCHQ as a fact-checking service falls into the broad category known as satire.

But that is a stretch. The effect will have been to dupe many unknowing members of the public, who genuinely thought it was a fact-checking service when it gave opinions on Jeremy Corbyn.

[...] in CCHQ this morning there will be younger staff who chalk this up as a victory.
... it's just an idea

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