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Alert Codenames: Duet

Welcome to Codenames: Duet!

A kindler, gentler version of Codenames where we are all on the same team. :yup:

Codenames: Duet Rules Summary
  • All players are working together to identify 15 agents (green) before time runs out.
  • Players are split into two groups each of which will see a separate solution grid (via PM) but they both refer to the same word grid.
  • Each group's grid will have 9 green spaces, 13 neutral spaces and 3 assassin spaces. The grids coorespond to another based on this graphic:
  • Note that one assassin on each grid overlaps with one of the green spaces on the other grid. It IS OK to guess a space that is an assassin on your group's grid, what matters when you are gussing is what is on the other group's grid.
  • The two groups will take turns giving a clue word + number of words. NOTE: In Codenames: Duet there are NO multi-word clues, no acronyms, no homynyms, no spelling/rhyming or positional clues.
  • Then the other team will then have AS MANY GUESSES as they want, as long as they always guess green. They must take their guesses one at a time.
  • Both the clue giving group and the guessing group can confer via PM before a guess or clue is posted. Do not communicate privately about the game with someone from the other group.
  • When the guessing group passes or hits a neutral space a time token is used and the groups switch roles.
  • If the assassin is guessed the whole world loses.
  • The game is over when the 15 agents are found or the 9 time tokens are gone, or the assassin is guessed.

Here are the randomly determined groups:

Group AGroup B

I will send each group their private grids in PM. You can begin discussing your clues privately with your group as soon as you receive the grid. Here is the public word grid:
Codenames: Duet - Agents: 15; Time: 9

Please read through the rules summary and post any questions you have here. Any questions about the private grid, should be asked in PM.

Good Luck! :popcorn:
:joecool2: :cascadia: :ROR: :portland: :joecool2:
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Thanks, from:
beyelzu (11-15-2017), Limoncello (11-13-2017)

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