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Music 10 American Foods Foreigners Find Disgusting

OK it's clickbait, but here is my reaction as a 100% American :cool:
Foreigners Find These American Foods Disgusting - Delish.com

1. Root Beer -- Meh.

2. Chicken and waffles -- African American.
Never had it, but it doesn't sound disgusting to me.

3. Corn Dogs -- Agree. Disgusting.

4. Sweet Potato Casserole -- Never heard of it before.
Maybe I'm not 100% American after all?

5. Hershey's Chocolate -- Euro peons? Infidels.

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches -- INFIDELS!

7. Bloomin' Onions -- Meh. I thought this was Australian.

8. "Burgers" -- Not what you think it means.
Not sure what they are talking about. You'll have to click to see.

9. Grits -- Y'all are infidels.
Even Yankees eat grits on the sly.

10. Processed Cheese -- Disgusting but does not belong on the list because it's not really food.
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Default Re: 10 American Foods Foreigners Find Disgusting

Yeah, well, Furriners ain't got no taste, anyhow.

Except for that Cheese stuff, Yeah, That's not food.
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Default Re: 10 American Foods Foreigners Find Disgusting

Of those, I have only sampled the Hershey's chocolate. It is indeed oddly vommy.
Can't vote on the others as have not tried them.
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Default Re: 10 American Foods Foreigners Find Disgusting

1. Root Beer -- Don't like it at all.

2. Chicken and waffles -- yum

3. Corn Dogs -- If you're eating a hot dog, it's an acceptable variation. Not my favorite way to eat a hotdog, but acceptable. It's just having cornbread instead of a bun, which doesn't seem particularly objectionable. Put some ketchup and mustard on it.

4. Sweet Potato Casserole -- Maybe it's ok, I dunno, never had it.

5. Hershey's Chocolate -- It's not that good. Hershey's dark chocolate is ok.

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches -- :eagletear:

7. Bloomin' Onions -- They're not bad, but anything that greasy must be eaten in moderation for otherwise you will have digestive issues.

8. "Burgers" -- I don't know what the picture is, but I assume they're also talking about things like burgers with donuts for buns, or with ramen for a bun:

I could eat some of these variations and not others, as you might expect.

9. Grits -- They are usually not good. Cafeteria grits are gross.

BUT if you get them done properly, they're good. I like a good shrimp and grits. This is something I usually only order at restaurants I trust to cook them properly and I am wary of them otherwise.

10. Processed Cheese -- It's not the best, but it has its uses.

I will fully cop to thinking that American cheese is good on a cheeseburger.

Cheese in a spray can, on the other hand... I dunno about that...
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Default Re: 10 American Foods Foreigners Find Disgusting

removed because link was obnoxious. I tried to post a picture of some food.
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