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Old 06-04-2018, 11:18 AM
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Default My New House ~or~ Toto, there's no place like homelessness!

We knew the house had some water damage and when we toured the place two different times, we knew there was a little mold. Well, the weather turned rainy, causing more basement water and the weather then turned hot and humid. Now we have a HazMat cleanup situation. I'm going in today to spray all the moldy areas with vinegar and then follow that up after it dries a day or so later with a spraying of a baking soda solution. Then I am going to start upstairs carpet removal by spraying the carpets with disinfectant (generic Febreze) both to deodorize and to wet down any mold spores. I will then remove the carpet in 3 foot wide strips, and also the pad, and place in the back of my truck until the dumpster I'm calling for this morning arrives. I will be wearing protective gear during this operation. I am also calling professionals in, but since this is Bumtuckyville and the professionals all seem to be concentrated in major cities, it may take a few weeks. In the meantime, some old family friends have a guest house in the area that is not currently occupied. So, our furniture, which is being moved June 13th will be put in storage and we will live out of suitcases until the house is habitable.

Edit: If this vinegar followed by baking soda treatment even halfway works, I will start demolition of every goddamned piece of wood and carpet in that stupid basement, so I can waterproof the sumbitch with hydraulic cement and DryLok concrete penetrating waterproof paint.
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