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Default Re: Chances Are, You Are STUPID!

Originally Posted by -FX- View Post
Originally Posted by disobey View Post
Originally Posted by -FX- View Post
I found it interesting, because pretty much everything he was saying was true.
Well I finally was able to see your videos. Were you trying to make some sort of point about them?
I actually made a few points. You don't seem to be able to understand them.

Originally Posted by -FX- View Post
It actually made it easier to understand why his speeches were so powerful to his countrymen.
Originally Posted by -FX- View Post
The historical fact that almost no nation would take the German Jews, especially not the US or England, Hitler was dead right about that.

Reminds me of how no nation will take the Palestine population in the present. Which is deeply ironic.
Originally Posted by -FX- View Post
I agree with Rogan on this, I always thought he was just yelling "Kill the Jews" and "We are the master race". You know, Hitler stuff.

When you hear the actual meaning along with his delivery, it makes more sense how he got the crowds riled up and motivated.
In the last 85 years nobody ever showed Hitler speaking in English.

State your point directly. And reply to me what it is. Also, you can't tell me anything I don't already know on the matter. For instance, you were right about other countries not wanting jews. But in the Hitler speech you showed, Hitler spoke of doing something about the "jewish problem." I seem to remember having covered that elsewhere around here. Hitler did do something about it. And it wasn't with the fictional "holocaust." Through the Havarra Agreement, Hitler deported 60 to 70% of its jews to Palestine. He basically created israel. It was the Germans who taught the Jews how to set up their kibbutz settlements in Palestine.
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