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Default Re: What's up with you?

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
I turned the data off at the provider and forgot to turn it back on again before I left. I could only turn it back on from their website, or from the app on my phone, but that only works in wifi range or with data turned on.
Weird. What phone do you have? Isn't there a setting on the phone to turn data on and off?

I've never come across having to turn it on and off at the provider.

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Default Re: What's up with you?

There are settings on the phones, and they were set to only download updates over wifi. Google ignored this, though, and Matlock's phone was downloading massive amounts of data from Google. So I turned data off on his phone, and not long after, it started doing it again. It had already racked up a bunch of charges on our bill by this point, and I still don't know what was causing it to do that, but obviously I couldn't trust Android, so I turned it off at the provider.

Because neither of us uses our phone all that much, we got a flexible phone plan from an MNVO instead of the standard all-inclusive plans, which are common in the US, but would be really stupid for us. Our only standard charge is $6 per phone just to keep them active, and then we pay for the amount of voice, text, and data that we use. Last month, for example, we didn't use our phones much at all, and our total combined bill was $18, or $22 with taxes and fees. Our highest bills are around $40.

And I can set usage limits for each of the phones on the plan from the provider's app or website. Up to including turning off voice, text, or data entirely. So I turned off Matlock's data, and then I also turned mine off temporarily for another reason, and just forgot to turn it back on again.
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Question Re: What's up with you?

Originally Posted by lisarea View Post
but obviously I couldn't trust Android
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