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Old 01-22-2017, 12:31 AM
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Default All gods and mankind will be insulted by President Trumpís inaugural. Especially Jesu

All gods and mankind will be insulted by President Trumpís inaugural. Especially Jesus, thanks to blacks. Jesus had to listen to blacks sing the praises of his endorsement of Mr. Trump. That is like calling Jesus, Satan. Insult.

More importantly, I am one of those described in scriptures in this way.

It has been predestined that many would conform to be true brethren to Jesus. I am a Jesus WIP, and am grossly insulted by blacks who will sing the song they did and insinuate that a Jesus would plan all the evil that has befallen blacks at the hands of others as well as their own. Insult.

Mankind had to listen to Trump brag of how he will improve on economic and social problems that Obama already fixed, and will naturally flow, for the nest 10 years. Insult.

Mr. Trump will do what was logically going to happen anyway. Insult to his followers if they do not recognize these facts.

Investments were already earmarked for the West regardless. War in Eastern Europe will demand this, as the West reclaims the Ukraine from Russia. Insult to the wealthy.

The world will have to deal with one of our many oligarch owners, and his friends, as they take direct control of the worldís largest military and economy. About time I think.

There are only two ways to win a war against a country. Control of the economy or control of the military. We now will know who own us. Free at last. Free at last.

This aside.

I do like some of the policies that Trump will sign in. He seems to recognize that even as the height of the people American people is shrinking, and the age of death is going the wrong way, he must push his oligarch friends, our owners, to do the right thing and grind some wealth off of the hockey stick demographic pyramid that they have shafted the public out of, and give it back.

I like that Mr. Trump has decided to move the body politic to the left. I thank Mr. Obama for making this possible for Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump has had his road plowed by the left and can now reduce the gulf between the economic tiers and bloat the middle class. Trickle down is good. Jobs jobs, jobs.

Mr. Trump will add social trickle up thanks to guaranteed gains in health care. It will be as required. One payer and that payer will be the rich. As honor and duty demands.

Quantitatively speaking, President Trump, --- and society, --- will gain tenfold on what President Trump can squeeze out of his buddies. It will be nice to see our owners ante up. That moves us all one step closer to being free in this free land.

All this aside.

The left has recognized that the Muslim issue is where they have bungled the United Statesí goal of world domination. The left recognized that they had moved just a tad too far left on the Muslim issue and thus elected President Trump by their absence from the voting system.

This left leaning man thanks all those on the left who elected President Trump.

President Trump might just be what this world needs, --- thanks to people not wanting to tolerate those who will not tolerate them, --- to handle the world Muslim problem and do what is hard to make the U.S be what he has promised to make it. Great, as what it should be for being the worldís wedge for worldwide freedom under the rule of law. Every free manís first duty. Americans may well regain their lost pride under President Trump, even if he is uncouth on occasion.


P.S to mod. I did not know whether to post this inreligion or politics and chose to post at both locations. Apologies if this is not allowed.
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Old 01-22-2017, 02:37 AM
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Default Re: All gods and mankind will be insulted by President Trumpís inaugural. Especially

Should probably go in the Cloaca...
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Default Re: All gods and mankind will be insulted by President Trumpís inaugural. Especially

And the thread, too

Free thought! Please take one!

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