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Old 12-20-2017, 07:06 PM
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Default Re: Hooray. We're In ... Delaware?

Good beer is made in Delaware. Also their possums are Scottish possums, they don't have O'Possums they have MacPossums.
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Default Re: Hooray. We're In ... Delaware?

Truley sad news out of Delaware today:

Batgirl Retires

If you thought it was fake news that Batgirl lives in Delaware - think again.

This Batgirl is all grown up. Her true identity isn’t Barbara Gordon. It’s Tonya Case, 42, and she’s a mother of two.

Case’s origin story as Batgirl began in April. It all started, she said, when she inadvertently bought a real Batmobile.

In desperate need of a car, Case said she decided to shop on Facebook Marketplace, Facebook’s version of Craigslist. She saw a listing for a ’94 Volvo that had been transformed into a makeshift Batmobile.

What wasn’t funny, Case said, were the cluster of problems she was having with her car late last year.

“There was something smoking under the hood and it kept leaking antifreeze for some reason, even when I wasn’t running the AC,” Batgirl said.

On top of that, the Batmobile didn’t have heat. Although Case knew that when she bought it in April, she said it didn’t become a problem until the weather starting getting cold.

Eventually, Case said, the Batmobile broke down while she was on the road and she had to get it towed home.

With all of her car problems too expensive for her to repair, Batgirl said she had no choice but to retire.
There's more (adorable, quaint, local-ness) to the tale in the whole article.

Now I kinda wish I'd bought a black vehicle, I'd take up the bat-mantle so to speak. Even though I'm on an anti-bat kick lately.

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