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Default Re: the bigoted, poorly written, lolbertarian, golly-gosh thread

Originally Posted by Henry Quirk View Post
I'm thinkin' Putin would do it just to give the U.S. the finger.
I'm thinking the same people who think it's a good idea to acquire and use a nuke would be the same kind of people who think Russia is filled with apostates.

It flies in the face of self-preservation, of which Putin seems pretty good at.
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Yeah, he's a survivor, but he's also a gambler.

Anyway, all this is premature...got no clue if the agreement prohibits such things (and no one else does either, it seems).

I'll have to hunt down a copy and see for myself.
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Old 07-18-2015, 04:37 AM
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Default Re: the bigoted, poorly written, lolbertarian, golly-gosh thread

Also, what if Pakistan possessed a nuclear weapon? Or India? Or Israel? That surely would destabilize the region. What's preventing them from buying a nuclear missile from China, France, Russia, or the United States? They could be doing it right now! Unlike Iran though, Pakistan, India, and Israel never have had a recent history of international disputes nor a tendency to initiate wars. So pretty lucky, amirite? Otherwise we would be all like "Rogue nations! Sanctions!" And John McCain would start singing Beach Boys covers about bombing those nations, and we would be highly dubious about their motivations.

Dodged a nuclear bullet there!
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