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Old 06-14-2018, 03:33 AM
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Default Re: Good King Trump

There are very, very few Americans who actually stand to benefit from his policies. There are quite a few who for some reason still think they will, but they won't. Like those fucking coal miners and everyone else waiting for their game show host from TV to come give them their prizes by propping up their worthless, destructive lifestyles. They didn't get the way they are by letting facts and experience guide them.

Trump voters by and large are in way over their heads. They think everything they don't understand is some kind of fucking hoax, and that Trump is honest because he's ignorant like them. That's why you got all these middle aged and old people saying that was the first time they voted. It's a special type of stupid they have, where they just have a super-low barrier to confidence and think their 'common sense' is some kind of absolute truth, so they don't have to bother actually learning anything new. Some of the younger Trump voters might end up OK eventually. It's pretty common for young people to go through an edgy stage and get over it eventually as they mature and get some real world experience. The older ones, though, it seems unlikely. If they still think that way past about 40 or so, their stupidity is obviously self imposed and self perpetuating and they will never learn a damned thing. (And it's not just ignorance. At that point, it's clearly stupidity, just the kind people choose.)

I dunno exactly what to do about them, but I know it's not 'try to understand their concerns.' Their concerns are all fucking stupid.
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