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Default Re: Good King Trump

I'm relatively pleased with the manager's performance. They came prepared to neuter most of the ridiculous bullshit defenses the Repubs kept getting away with over and over during the house investigation. That was really off-pissing to watch. Just frustrating.

It's amazing to me how good the Repubs are at taking bullshit and making it sound legit to anyone who isn't really paying attention to the facts. They'll present an argument that sounds extremely convincing unless you dig down one level and find out why it's utter bullshit.

Example - Repub says aid has been withheld by presidents before, like by Obama for Egypt. What's left out is that the aid was withheld at the urging of congress because Egypt was having a civil melt down at the time and who knows what would've happened to the funds.

I'm aware the Repubs are still more likely than not to just proceed with the cover up, and I don't feel that's an exaggerated description of what's going. At least the Dems aren't letting the opportunity to clobber the bastards for the their duplicity and make it clear to anyone who's paying attention what's going on, which is mainly obstruction. I'm glad they finally got off their collective ass and went ahead with the impeachment.
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Default Re: Good King Trump

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