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Old 06-02-2019, 02:19 AM
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Default Re: The Make Something Every Week Contest

Today while watering I took a closer look at the pile of other rocks removed from the garden...

Some sort of bigass crystal, 5 inches long. Quartz? Maybe? It's hexagonal whatever it is. What the hell kind of fey crap is happening in this garden?
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Default Re: The Make Something Every Week Contest

I built a radio clock transmitter that transmits a weak signal on the longwave band (60kHz or 77.5kHz) so I can set all the radio clocks and watches in my house to whatever time I want.

I did it because in some rooms the real signal, which comes from Cumbria in the north of England, is too weak and one of my clocks sometimes sets itself wrongly or doesn't adjust to the correct time and instead runs using its internal, less accurate, quartz movement.

By turning up the power of my transmitter, I could also set any radio clocks in nearby houses to the wrong time, but that would be unethical and illegal, so I won't do that.
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Default Re: The Make Something Every Week Contest

Oh cool, and I could mess with your clocks from here if I wanted to give everyone in a ten kilometer radius radiation burns!
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