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Old 05-21-2017, 10:05 PM
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Default Re: Member News

I bought a house in S. Austin a few weeks ago and my employer rewarded me with termination. I'm a little nervous because I don't have much money banked, but I also have a particular set of skills that makes me a nightmare to people like... sorry, Liam moment. Let's just say I'm confident in my current marketability.
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Default Re: Member News

The Mor-man asked me to marry him! :mawwiage:

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Default Re: Member News

ETA: god damn it I forgot about the reply thread
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Old 02-06-2018, 08:40 PM
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Default Re: Member News

My dad's partner of the last eight years or so died this morning at their home in Bend, Oregon. She suffered a stroke last week and never fully regained consciousness. Shirley had quadruple heart bypass surgery about six or seven years ago, after which the cardio doc told her she probably had five years to live. Shirley was 86 years old or so.

Dad will be 85 in June, and still in good health. He may outlive me. I hope Shirley thought enough of my dad to make sure he would be supported in a similar fashion as she has while alive. He cannot afford rent on their house on his own. My sister says the widows at their church are lined up to take Shirley's place, so he may not need much help. Dad isn't good at being alone, so he'll probably be with someone else within a year, just like he did after Mom died in 2008.
Sleep - the most beautiful experience in life - except drink.--W.C. Fields
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Default Re: Member News

I have finally extricated myself from the job from hell with the boss from hell! I start a new gig on January 2. :hyperb:
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