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Old 08-17-2018, 11:29 PM
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Default Re: What's up with you?

Originally Posted by JoeP View Post
Chained out, like a sitting duck just waiting for the fall _Cage the Elephant
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Default Re: What's up with you?

Originally Posted by Crumb View Post
It's good to see you around chunks! :manhug: Are you guys playing 5th edition?
Crumb! Yes we are. I like the advantage/disadvantage mechanic, the background templates, and am still getting used to the long/ short rests and death saves mechanics. One of the teens in the group has some experience with the system as well.
I think I still like Pathfinder quite a bit, though it was funny that someone tangentially (not in this group) referred to it as Mathfinder (likely referring to the current need for things like a one-page flowchart just to cover the grappling combat maneuver), and I understand Paizo is working on a 2.0.
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Default Re: What's up with you?

:coolness: I really like 5th ed too. Right now we are trying out Starfinder and it is pretty good, but noticeably more mathy.
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Default Re: What's up with you?

I sometimes forget that not everyone talks to things and critters, which gets me odd looks when a random group of just moved in college kids wonder which one of them I'm talking to and I have to explain "Huh, no no, I'm talking to the spider." :web:

I haven't played D&D is so so long, but I have found myself watching some DMing and story videos on youtube. Related this was hilarious!
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Default Re: What's up with you?

Some footage of last night's Yes featuring ARW show here in lolorado, taken by someone way up close:

This was the third time my concert bud from work and I have seen these guys since they formed up and started touring back in Fall 2016, and they just keep getting better. As long as these old geezers keep performing, I'll keep buying tickets.
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"What the fuck is a German muffin?" ~ R. Swanson
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Default Re: What's up with you?

After ten years or so my job's coming to an end. Time to retrain.
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