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Default Re: The generic "Look at what Israel's doing now" thread

The Electronic Intifada has published (the first two parts of) the new film.

The Lobby - USA, episode 1 - Video Dailymotion

Originally Posted by mickthinks View Post
Further to our late lamented friend's plug for "The Lobby" documentary about Israeli state interference in British politics, I'm hearing reports that its sequel, the one that covers the US side of the story, was completed two years ago but has yet to be broadcast while unspecified "editorial and legal issues" are dealt with. The rumour is that it has been buried on the insistence of the Qatari government for fear of an Israel sponsored backlash from Trump's White House.

Al Jazeera denies Qatari emir censored Israel lobby film | The Electronic Intifada

Here's a link to the first or four parts of the original doc:

The Lobby P1: Young Friends of Israel €“ Al Jazeera Investigations - YouTube

Originally Posted by Watser? View Post
Al Jazeera Lifts the Lid on the Swamp of Israeli Subversion Al Jazeera - The Lobby - Free Speech on Israel

Unverified reports of Russian interference with the US election have been whipping through the British media like a hurricane. Fully authenticated reports of Israeli subversion of British Democracy can be heard like the faintest breeze in a distant forest. Labour Party calls for a Government investigation have been ignored. Scandalously the Labour Party is not calling for an internal investigation into the deep penetration of its own structures.
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